Borzowski´s Phenomenon

BIS MBISS GB CIB SE NO DK FI DE CH NO V-09, 11, 12 SE V-11 Donaueschingen Winner 2012 & 2014

US CH Oklara Espresso                                                                CIB SE NO CH Borzowski´s Hillary Hope

February 14, 2007 - 

Monne, the one and only... a once in a lifetime dog. Born on Valentine's Day and very appropriately named. He has had an outstanding career in the showrings but most of all a wonderful dog who was kind and sweet to everyone he met. A wonderful ambassador for the breed.

He has progeny all over the world and will be a dog who will be remembered for a long time... We miss him dearly.

Some of his show career highlights:

CC, BOB and Group 2,Crufts 2011. Still the only foreign Borzoi not living in UK or Ireland who has gained the GB title.                        

BIS, SKK (all breeds) Vänersborg 2011

BIS 2, SKK Vännäs 2011

BIS 4, SKK, My Dog 2013

BIS 3, SKK; Västerås 2013

BIS 4, DKK Roskilde 2014

BIS 2, SKK Piteå 2014

BIS Swedish Sighthound Club Råneå 2010, Vännäs 2011, Råneå

2014, Ljungbyhed 2013,     

BIS Borzoi-Ringen  Tånga-Hed, Tammsvik 

BOB Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival 2012 & 2014