Puppies expected around May 9. Please have a look at the Puppy 2021 page!

Puppies two weeks

Photo of one of the boys. The puppies have now got their eyes and are just adorable...



Pella and Zarus got ten lovely puppies (4 + 6) on the 24th of February. Please check the puppy page!

We are so happy for the trust and opportunity to bring Zelda to Sweden. Zelda is Summerlane Elance Glasswing and not just a very beautiful Borzoi... She is super sweet, clever and lovely to live with.

Pella ended up as Top Borzoi no 4 in Sweden 2019. A really nice placement as she was only shown six times. Very successful shows though as she won BOB four times, one group and a group second. One of the BOBs was a Borzoi Speciality Best in Show, All these wins has been in tough competition and for Borzoi or Sighthound Specialists....



We had a very nice trip to Rostock. Pella won her third CAC and BOB and Zarus won his first German CAC. Judge was Mrs Beatrix Märki Casanova, Switzerland.